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Our visit to Harborside Farms

Published on August 13, 2012 By Josh Nekrep

As many of you know, this year our family started buying meats from a small organic farm near Pilot Mound, Manitoba called Harborside Farms. Today we had the pleasure of going for a tour of the farm and enjoying a good ol’ country barbecue. From the moment we stepped onto the farm Pam and Clinton, […]

What do the number stickers on your produce tell you?

Published on June 23, 2012 By Josh Nekrep


To market to market to buy a fat pig…

Published on May 12, 2012 By Josh Nekrep

I’m pretty pumped. It’s taken six months to “get here”, but our household finally took a pretty substantial step forward toward eating healthy and sustainably. We recently became aware of Harborside Farms, a local organic farm based out of Pilot Mound, Manitoba, that sells direct to consumer. Buying organic, grass-fed beef and free run eggs […]

How to Buy Organic [VIDEO]

Published on March 15, 2012 By Josh Nekrep

Dr. Axe talks about how to shop for organic foods.

Power Burger Recipe [VIDEO]

Published on February 21, 2012 By Josh Nekrep

I noticed he’s got buns sitting in the background at the end.  I’d skip the bun, but you might consider using this alternative – the portobello mushroom bun!