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Low Carb Winnipeg Winnipeg restaurants

Recommended Reading

Wheat Belly. Dr. William Davis. | Hardcover | Ebook | Audiobook

Why We Get Fat. Gary Taubes. | Paperback | Ebook | Audiobook

Good Calories, Bad Calories. Gary Taubes. | Paperback | Ebook | Audiobook


Recommended Podcasts

Livin’ La Vido Low Carb – Jimmy Moore | iTunes | Show Notes

Latest In Paleo – Angelo Coppola | iTunes | Show Notes

Underground Wellness – Sean Croxton | iTunes | Show Notes


Recommended Videos

Gary Taubes – Authors @Google – Why We Get Fat

Robert H. Lustig – Sugar: The Bitter Truth

CBC – The Lens: My Big Fat Diet | The only source I can find for this video is this torrent file: | Torrent |

Fat Head - Also available on Netflix.


Recommended Websites

Mark’s Daily Apple
Healing Cuisine By Elise
Maximized Living
The Diet Doctor – Low Carb High Fat guide
Life as a Plate

Where to buy low carb supplies in Winnipeg

  • Almond Flour: Bulk Barn / Superstore
  • Coconut flour: Bulk Barn
  • Coconut Oil: Bulk Barn is the cheapest I’ve found.  Also Superstore, Eat It!, Home Sense
  • Flax Seeds: Bulk Barn / Superstore
  • Chia Seeds: Home Sense
  • Flax Meal: Superstore, though you can grind your own in a coffee grinder for cheaper
  • Whole Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts: Superstore is much cheaper than anywhere I’ve found
  • Xylitol: Aviva (Corner of St. James & Wellington)
  • Stevia: All forms: Aviva
  • Meat – All naturally-fed:  Harborside Farms
In a nutshell, you can get pretty near everything you might want to have on hand at either Superstore, Bulk Barn, or Aviva.