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About LCW

Low Carb Winnipeg Winnipeg restaurants

The Low Carb Winnipeg project is an answer to a problem I discovered immediately when making the change to a low carb lifestyle. It’s hard to eat in restaurants!  Or, at least, it can be.

The reality today for many of us is that life can be fast-paced and grabbing food on the run, or enjoying food out with friends and family is important.  It’s far too easy to fall off the rails with your low carb lifestyle if you can’t master the FAFH (Food Away From Home).

Low Carb Winnipeg gives you information and ordering suggestions in many of Winnipeg’s restaurants, even when they don’t have “low carb options” (and let’s face it, they usually don’t.

I started this project because, quite honestly, I got tired of eating salads all the time.  Salads are fine. I still enjoy several salads per week.  But I didn’t like having salads as my only option when I needed FAFH.  Now my goal is to help you enjoy the myriad low carb options that are available to you just about anywhere!

I hope you enjoy this site, and if you do, please drop me a line and let me know!



Low Carb Winnipeg

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