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Jamaican Meat Pies LC & GF & a Giveaway! I Breathe… I’m Hungry…

Continuing with my latest obsession with the recipes on this site, I decided to give these a whirl tonight.  The rest of my family isn’t as keen on spicy food as I am, so I chose to omit the habanero peppers and simply doused my own pies with a healthy serving of habanero sauce once they were done.

But let me tell you, everybody LOVED them! They were a bit of work – more than I’d want to put into dinner every night – however the results were great. I had trouble making mine look as good as the ones in the picture. However, when I do this again, I’ll actually let the meat cool to room temperature.  What I found was that because the meat was still quite warm it was softening up the dough and causing it to crack along the top after folding. As well, I couldn’t get the lovely fork-pressed edges because the dough had softened too much and basically turned to goo on me.  Nonetheless, they tasted great. So great that the two left over after dinner became an impossible-to-resist nighttime snack just before I sat down to write this post.  So, on the bright side, I have a wonderful burn going on my lips and tongue right now. On the downside, I’m all out of Jamaican Meat Pies now.

One other note… I had a fair bit of meat left over from this recipe. Certainly not enough to make another full batch, but probably enough to make 6 more or so. So if you follow the recipe, you may find you have to either roll the dough balls out to something bigger than 5 inches (and that’ll get hard to work with), or cut down the proportions for the meat by about 30%… OR… have some delicious meat left over to top a rather unique taco-like salad as will tomorrow.

Here’s the link to the recipe:

Jamaican Meat Pies LC & GF & a Giveaway!.

Josh Nekrep is a Winnipeg REALTOR currently on his own journey toward health and fitness.

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