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CBS News anchor responds to being called fat [VIDEO]

Check out this video. Is the original email really “bullying”? I don’t know.  It honestly didn’t sound to me like the author was intending to be malicious. Rather, it sounded like someone who has fully bought in to this notion that obesity is a “lifestyle choice” of the lazy and weak-willed.  In other words, I actually think that, regardless of how misguided he or she is, it was sadly well-meaning.

This is so representative of where we’ve come to in society.  Because of the widespread misbelief that it’s simply about Calories In vs. Calories Out, obese people are considered to be too slothful or gluttonous to make “the right choices” and “adopt a healthy lifestyle”.

But what if the Calories In vs. Calories Out model isn’t correct? What if obesity is a hormonal issue?  What if, as Gary Taubes insists, we “eat too much because we get fat”, and not the other way around?  Then we have people who are hard working, conscientious, and even diligent, who maintain obesity and are frustrated.


Josh Nekrep is a Winnipeg REALTOR currently on his own journey toward health and fitness.

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