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Ice Cream Week on Low Carb Winnipeg

It's Ice Cream Week on Low Carb Winnipeg! - Photo credit: Danielle Scott on Flickr

Whether it’s low carb, vegan, gluten free, low calorie (there’s still a few of you who think it’s about calories, I’m sure), or whatever dietary wishes and needs you have, ice cream is one of those almost universal treats that often gets hacked from just about any meal plan.

And I say that’s unfortunate. Sad and unfortunate and unnecessary!

So this week I’m going to direct most of the attention you give me to that sweet, icy, deliciousness in a cup – ICE CREAM! Yeah, yeah… I know… it’s February in Winnipeg! I don’t care. Ice cream is amazing and I miss it. I’m not going to miss it anymore. I’m solving this one.

You’ve gotta stick with me this week folks. All week I’ll be rolling out tips, recipes, and commentary on making ice cream work for the low carber.

You’re welcome. You can thank me officially at the end of the week. :)

So let’s get started. What better way to begin our journey to the “perfect” low carb ice cream than to learn a little about what makes regular ice cream work. I’m going to start our journey by directing you to this awesome article posted by Rachel Lyn Bloom on the science of ice cream. It’s moderately long post, but it’ll be worth taking the time to have a read over it (seriously… you got this far on my site… you can handle 4 more minutes of reading…) because I’ll be testing you as the week goes on. We’ll be using the techniques and principles she explains extensively.

So strap yourself in and read her article and check back with me tomorrow.

Yay ice cream!

Josh Nekrep is a Winnipeg REALTOR currently on his own journey toward health and fitness.

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