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Tea Story Cafe

Tea Story Cafe

Tea Story Cafe

Veggie Berry Salad | Net carbs: ~8g

Order: Veggie Berry Salad no noodles

Let me start by saying I love LoVe LOVE this place.  I’ve been several times now and each time I order a different tea.  So far, my favorite has been the Grapefruit Tea.  However, when it comes to food it’s pretty darned hard to stay low carb here.   However, with the tea and the atmosphere being what it is, I’m willing to “settle” for a salad – in this case the Veggie Berry Salad.  In fact, sadly the salad is the only decent low carb option when it comes to food.  It would be easy to be tempted by the wide array of waffle sandwiches they offer.  But if you’re intent on keeping it relatively low carb (and I am), this salad has fresh strawberry, romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, spinach, and a raspberry dressing (which almost certainly has some amount of sugar in it).

Granted, if you’re on a very strict low carb regiment you should probably just stick to the tea.

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