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Preventing Asthma with better diet? [VIDEO]

Once again, Sean Croxton over at Underground Wellness Blog has an incredibly pervasive video to share.  This time he talks about the connection between what we eat, what’s going on in our gut, and Asthma.  As someone who has suffered from mild Asthma my entire life, this was earth-shattering-holy-cow-you’ve-gotta-be-kidding-me information!  We learn just how damaging Asthma inhalers can be.

As I said, I’ve had mild Asthma my whole life, and have had a Salbutamol inhaler since I was a child.  I didn’t have to use it all that often – probably 3-4 times per month. However, until I watched this video, I hadn’t even realized that I haven’t used my inhaler EVEN ONCE since I went low carb.  Not once! I think that’s pretty cool, but I hadn’t made the connection (or even noticed that I was no longer using it).


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