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Galo Louco Authentic Grill

Chicken Breast, 1 Kebab, & 4 Wings | Net carbs: ~12g?

Order: Chicken breast, 1 kebab, & 4 Wings all hot

Galo Louco low carb chicken dinner

Low carb meal option at Galo Louco restaurant

I’m really not sure what to make of this place.  My initial impression when looking at the menu was “authentic to what?”.  It certainly didn’t seem authentically Portugese. The decor was simple (cheap?) and the place was empty at dinner time on a Thursday.  None of this was looking very promising.  However, I will give them credit on this point: Whether they were trying to or not (I think not), this meal was pretty low carb just as it was without any substitutions or special requests.  You get a really good sized chicken breast heavily basted in Buffalo Wing Sauce, a kebab of small chicken pieces in the same sauce, and 4 wings covered in… wait for it… the same sauce.  So, if you happen to enjoy buffalo sauce (and I do), you’ll get your fill of it with this meal.

A couple notes, though.  Buffalo Sauce is one of those tricky sauces from a carb count perspective.  Many of them are very low in sugar, but sometimes they’re actually quite a bit higher than you’d expect. It’s always a gamble when you eat Buffalo Sauce in a restaurant and if you’re particularly sensitive to carbs, you might want to avoid this one.  The second thing is that the wings are lightly breaded.  I can handle that when it’s only 4 wings with the meal but your milage may vary.


***UPDATE: Dec 29th, 2011***

I revisited Galo Louco recently to take them up on their 35¢ wings (Sundays and Mondays).  Now, I knew going in that their wings were breaded, and there was still a mystery about their buffalo wings sauce, so I had no I idea what to expect for my blood sugar.  I did, however, bring along my trusty blood sugar meter and took a measurement just before going into the restaurant (a reasonable 5.6).  I was particularly hungry this day and, heck, I was doing a test anyway so I might as well go all out, right?  So I decided to treat myself to 30 (yes 30!) of these tasty ‘extra hot’ wings. I was STUFFED, but it was so good. An hour after I began eating, I took another reading to see just how bad that meal was.  I was surprised to find that, though my blood sugar did spike a bit, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d expected (a still-not-so-bad 6.6).  For some of you, this might be way too much of a spike, but for many of us, this little bump is not all that bad and probably worth the occasional indulgence in some pretty darned good hot wings.

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