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Dairi-Wip Drive-In

Double Cheeseburger with side of Chili | Net carbs: ~1og ???

Order: Double Cheese and Cup of Chili … then just throw out the bun. It’s easier that way, trust me! ;)

Ok, let me start by saying this one is a bit of an unknown, and it isn’t exactly the kind of place I’ve felt comfortable asking too many questions about what ingredients are used.  But this is one of Winnipeg’s best burger joints and I’m willing to accept a certain amount of mystery.  However, if you’re highly gluten intolerant, or in an induction phase of your low carb lifestyle, you may wish to take a pass on this place.  For starters, I suspect that their beef patties contain at least a little bit of bread crumbs.  I am not sure if the chili contains any sugar, corn, or wheat products but I suspect there’s at least a little bit.

Also note, you’ll have to ask for a knife and fork and a spoon.

Find it on the map!

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