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Celebrations Dinner Theatre

Menu varies, Order steak | Net carbs: varies

Order: There is typically a meal that involves steak, vegetables, and potato.  Skip the potato.

This place has been one of the tougher places I’ve found to eat low carb, primarily because there is such a limited menu and the meals are all served at the same time, leaving very little opportunity for substitutions.  I typically ask about the soup. Sometimes I’m lucky and the soup isn’t too ‘carby’, so I’ll go for it.  The salad is generally just fine. But when the main course comes out, I simply push the potato aside and enjoy a fairly small cut of steak and a few vegetables. If those vegetables include carrots, that’ll be your call.  I’ll usually eat a few of the carrots, but I definitely take it easy.  And, not surprisingly, don’t even think about dessert.

In the end, I’ll admit that I leave Celebrations hungry. I’ll have a small snack before I go, and often another snack when I get home and it’s not too hard to deal with.  It would be great if they had a low carb meal options, but I can appreciate that the logistics of serving that many people all at once makes that pretty challenging if there’s little demand for it.

The meal limitations don’t stop me from going simply because we always enjoy the show.  But if your goal is to maintain your low carb lifestyle, I’d suggest having a small meal before you go.

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